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Quitegeist Podcast 20: Parental Advisory Explicit Content

August 8, 2013


Who is the Quiz King this week? Which lucky listener has won a robot? How much unnecessary swearing and toilet humour is it possible to fit into one podcast that’s supposedly about the news? Find out the answer to these questions and more in the Quitegeist Podcast 20th Episode Extravaganza.


So, amazingly myself and Des have reached 20 episodes of our sweary little podcast. We certainly enjoy doing them so its a bonus that people have given us some nice feedback on them. I’m especially happy that a few old friends who are now situated all around the world have told me that they’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts as its reminded them of home. Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed listening so far and will enjoy this and future podcasts, and if you do please tell a friend or review us on iTunes to help spread the word. Cheers everyone.

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