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The Quitegeist Guide To New Music

September 27, 2010

I love bands. At the moment my favourite band is Fuckchuckle (pictured above). They’re very new. Their first album Bastards is out in two years and is, like, you know, “good” or whatever.

While typing the above sentence I’ve decided that Fuckchuckle are shit. My new favourite band, X and the Y, are sort of post-new. They have 5 bassists. They’re currently in the process of writing their first album, Gammy Toe, which they’ll probably never even bother releasing because that would be lame.

The thing with X and the Y is that they’ve sold out and are shit. New band Not Elvis Costello are where it’s at. They’ve decided to never record any music whatsoever to avoid selling out. Their facial hair is seminal.

Not Elvis Costello have just gone shit and mustaches are stupid. The band to like THIS EXACT SECOND is London-based neo-psych-reggae troupe Flap of Skin, who have decided to completely avoid the Capitalist trappings of the music industry by never even writing any music.

That’s a bit 2000 and late though, because Benfy Belmerson and The Nnnnngggffffk are so far removed from the music industry that not only have they never written any music, they’ve never even met or made the decision to be in a band. For all I know I’m a member, which is so, like, you know…


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