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About Quitegeist

March 14, 2010

Quitegeist loves you.

The aim of Quitegeist is to capture one man’s thoughts on a variety of contemporary topics and then embed these thoughts in your brain using words.

You can trust Quitegeist.

Quitegeist only says words you would be thinking anyway, were you capable of thought.

Still not convinced?

“Without Quitegeist I would have no opinions.” – Anon, 25

“If not for Quitegeist my brain would just be blood and mush” -Another, 25

“I’m not convinced I even knew how to read before Quitegeist.” – A third, 25

“Just ONE daily dose of Quitegeist and my body no longer requires nutrition” -Guy, 25

“(Quitegeist) is the most important thing in my life right now.” -Hanon, nearly 24

Quitegeist only wants you to be happy and comfortable…

…while it puts thoughts in you.

Quitegeist is not at all sinister.




So stick around a while, buddy!

Its not really a creepy, faceless entity intent on brainwashing you. Its just a thinkdump.

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