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March 13, 2010

These are words. Each of these words is constructed using letters, then strung together to form sentences and, in turn, these sentences are strung together to form paragraphs. In extreme cases, paragraphs can be linked to form an ubergraph but this should only be done by very talented worders who know all the dictionary.

There is a sod-load of individual letters. There are at least 5 but some people have claimed to have seen upwards of 500. Much like snowflakes, no two letters are the same. In the word ‘zoo’, for example, the two o’s may look similar but the second is far inferior to the first in ways that the average eye will never be able to see. The second o sits awake at night, smoking Marlboro after Marlboro, crying and desperately preying that one day he can escape from the first o and forge his own path. The second o would much rather be in a word like ‘obscure’ where he could be the leading and only o.

Above, I’ve provided you with a thorough examination of language, but it would not be complete without first noting the following exceptions-

1: Word also means hello if you are VERY cool.

2: Sentences are also what criminals get if they kill someone or just kick them loads or steal their things.

3: Letters are also what you send in the post. These kinds of letters don’t form sentences, unless they include death threats or bombs and that.

Thankyou for your time.

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